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Here I am, in Taiwan.

I arrived about three months ago.

I came; I saw; I conquered.

Well, okay. More like, “I came; I borrowed more and more money from family; I got really persistently and permanently sweaty.”

I wasn’t sharing my stories then because they mostly just involved me drafting up personal budgets I couldn’t follow, crying a lot, wasting what little money I had on a multitude of Asian skincare products, which I hoped would make my oaf-y, greasy self look a little more poreless and radiant (ya know, that Asian kind of poreless and radiant).

But now summer’s over. I’m officially a resident, with an alien resident card (ARC), a bank account, regular (and very decent!) paychecks, health insurance… even a library card! And Taiwan’s humidity is much more bearable when the temperature is under 32 degrees Celsius (which – I’m American – probably translates to about a million/a million-fifty Fahrenheit, give or take). Now that I’m a little more sorted, am stupid happy much of the time (but not so much of the time that I’m annoying about it), I want to share my adventures – and my progress – in teaching English, paying off the debts I owe to humans, institutions, and credit card companies alike, learning Chinese, and exploring Taiwan.

I hope you’ll join me. I studied theater and am forever an attention whore through and through – things are better with an audience.