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Online dating is a larger part of my life than it would be were I *not* an expat in a foreign, TONAL-LANGUAGE-SPEAKING land. As a foreigner, it’s easier to meet people you can reliably communicate with…online.

So, basically, my other foreign female friends and I date the same English-speaking guys, receive identical messages from the same English speakers on okcupid, frequently share notes on the latest online marriage proposals we’ve received, are pseudo-cheated on by boys who don’t quite realize what a small community they’re a part of…

(Note: I only use “cheated on” for lack of a better term. It’s too harsh, but I refuse to use the word “played” in a dating context.)

And it’s hilarious.


Semper fi and have a great day, everyone. From this Okinawan-dwelling, homegrown American I was inexplicably gettin’ a lil’ attention from this evenin’. Y’all. God bless. Murrica. Guns.