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Had been messaging with a guy on okcupid. Got very, very busy. Finally got back in touch by sending a message apologizing for being MIA and asking if he was still free to hang out (and get hot chocolate!) on Thursday.

In response, received a Line sticker from him – of Jacques the Pixar shrimp.

Assumed, “Okay, he’ll send me his real response soon; he’s just busy now and sent a sticker in the meantime because that’s how you do it in Taiwan.”

Several days later, heard from female friend: “Did you ever hang out with what’s-his-face?” Realizing I’d never gotten anything other than that sticker from him, I said, “I asked him to hang out and he responded with a cartoon shrimp. I never responded because I didn’t really have anything to say to that. Haven’t heard from him since.”

Friend said, “Holy shit, that’s so weird.”

I said, “Thank you! It IS pretty weird, right?”

Friend said, “No, you don’t understand: he did the same thing to me!”

Is he just trolling? Or…? Does that ever…work for him?

Non. I shall resist.