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I want to share three anecdotes.

1. In Taiwan, a white female American, my friend and co-worker, was once asked by a white male American, “So it’s really hard to be a foreign girl in Taiwan, right? Competing with all these Asian girls for foreigner guys?”

He actually SAID that. He didn’t just think it; those are the words he chose. He let them out of his mouth.

2. When I visited Korea, I had a questionable, drunken sexual experience I barely remembered the next morning with a Canadian expat. The one bit I have a vivid memory of is the moment he said to me, in the wee hours of the morning, “Wow, crazy. I never even sleep with white girls anymore, being here.”

… Thank you?

3. My closest Taiwanese friend here, a lovely lady in her mid-twenties, was told by a male American that she was being weird and prudish when she wouldn’t drop her panties for him on a first date, that it’d be normal back in America.

… What was he expecting? “Oh, in that case – silly me; here’s my vagina”?

These are three manifestations of this idea many people seem to have that male expats will get all the pussy in Taiwan, female expats will be dried up and lonely, and, APPARENTLY, that Taiwanese guys don’t get to come into the picture at all. This last point is the only one worth fully addressing. (I don’t care how much anyone is getting laid – so if you’re getting all the pussy, more power to you [though you’d best be eatin’ it; I will say that] – and defending female foreigners, or myself specifically, is stupid, because we’re not insecure enough that that’s necessary.) But news flash, folks: acting as though Taiwanese men aren’t competition is insulting and racist at worst, and incorrect and absurd at best.

Female expats are more open to dating Taiwanese guys (or girls!) than you might think. Taiwanese girls might not be as swoony for white guys as you think. And just as with any person – a white person, a black person, a Chilean, an Italian, whatever – a Taiwanese person is hot if you’re into them and not if you’re not. Funny how that works.