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I while ago, I told y’all about a boy and his shrimp. (If you missed that, you can read about it here: https://lessbrokeintaiwan.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/oui-oui/)

He had originally asked me out for hot chocolate – allegedly dark chocolate hot chocolate – before the shrimp incident.

I wanted that hot chocolate. I knew I could simply send him another message and ask for the name and/or address of the place. But then I ran the risk of receiving more crustaceans. (I’m not crazy for them. Bugs of the sea.) More importantly, I ran the risk of accidentally asking him along after all. Which would have been ultimately fine, I’m sure. I might’ve even liked him well enough. But he’d wasted my time with the shrimp thing, and while it didn’t actively annoy me, it just wasn’t going to be something I put any effort into responding to. I’m not big on time-wasters, especially if their only known positive quality is that they’d like to have sex with me. There will be more of that.

And, getting back in touch with him so many days after his non-response might seem like a symptom of my dwelling on a missed opportunity with him. Blech. No thank you. I was dwelling, but I was dwelling on the hot chocolate.

I knew it was somewhere in the Xinyi area; he’d mentioned that. I decided I’d ask him if necessary but do a simple Google search in the meantime. Conveniently enough, my first Google search brought up one promising result: Dark As Chocolate.

Done. Very promising name. I was going there. I was already there. I had teleported. To 50, Fuxing S. Road. The Xinyi Eslite. The basement.

I ordered hot chocolate. I think it was 150 NT but I wouldn’t bet my future first-adopted child’s life on it. I took a picture of the hot chocolate. The picture speaks for itself.


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