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Well, the GRE is certainly kicking my posterior. In my Magoosh study app, I’ve been assiduous in studying vocab flashcards. One word, avarice, is a word I’ve read countless times before. But some of these multiple choice options are so close! Avarice: maliciousness or greed?, as in “Known for their avarice, the Spanish stole a lotta shit from the Incans.” (I’m paraphrasing.) I GOT IT WRONG, but I say greed is totally malicious! JUST ASK THE INCANS.

Boo. I’m not a greedy person; how would I know? I’m just an artless young woman! Irreproachable! Exemplary! What do I fathom of avarice?


Forget learning Chinese; this shit makin’ me feel like I don’t know English.